Welcome to Barefoot Handbook and thanks for taking the time to read About Us.

We’re a couple from Bristol in the UK who discovered the magic of Barefoot Footwear back during lockdown. As we started to wear barefoot shoes, we found ourselves connecting to the earth, being out in nature more and just enjoying the World around us in a more profound way than we ever had before.

Fast forward 4 years ( how did that happen! ) and we’re now on a mission to do 3 things – 1. carry the message about the wonders of barefoot and minimalist shoes as far and wide as possible, 2. help educate and inspire people so they get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of their barefoot shoes and 3. help you decide what pair of barefoot shoes are right for you from our reviews. Whether you’re an avid trail runner, a hiker, a casual rambler …or you just need an everyday pair – let us help you choose.

Most of all, we hope you enjoy our site. Welcome friend.

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