Barefoot Shoes and Minimalist Footwear Coupon and Voucher Discount Codes

We work with as many of the best and reputable barefoot and minimalist footwear retailers in the market to find and give you the best rate coupon and voucher codes they offer.

Below is a list of the main barefoot online stores, the code and the discount it gives you – simply copy the code, click the name of the retailer, and paste your code in the right box at checkout.

Where there are certain restrictions, we have tried to inform you on this page – i.e at Vivobarefoot, their coupon codes don’t normally work on barefoot shoes that have already got a price reduction.

As ever, any question, queries or feedback – let us know.




Vivobarefoot Coupon and Voucher Codes

Vivobarefoot  usually has a new customer coupon code available on their site when you make your own first purchase РWELCOME10 is usually it (correct at time of writing).

However, we have an exclusive and applicable to all Vivo coupon code :

If you want to read more about Vivobarefoot as a brand and some of their history, see our in depth review here :

Xero Barefoot Shoes Coupon and Voucher Codes

Xero shoes has an interesting and admirable stance on coupon codes for their website – basically – they don’t do them.

There is no place on there checkout to use a coupon or voucher code and they are very clear on their site that anyone offering a code is doing so fraudulently, so steer clear!!!

So unfortunately we don’t have a code to offer you – but do check out their offers and discount page here regardless :

And if you want to hear more about Xero Shoes, read our review of their brand here :