Vivobarefoot Motus Strength Review Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Scores
  3. Unboxing
  4. Motus Strength Introduction
  5. Functional Wearing
  6. General Wearing
  7. Aesthetics
  8. Comfort
  9. Durability
  10. Summary

The Vivobarefoot Motus Strength is the first barefoot shoe I’ve encountered that really enables me to excel in my more strength orientated exercising, and I include cross fit with that. The support and stability this trainer gives me is amazing. 


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Vivobarefoot Motus Strength – Introduction


Launched in 2023, the Motus Strength is arguably the biggest barefoot shoe innovation we’ve seen from Vivobarefoot since the Promus Lite 3 hit the scene. Every aspect of the shoe from its cool visual design to its functional purpose and technical evolution is different class.


Heralded as the first of its kind, a zero drop strength training shoe, it’s being held up as the poster child of the Vivobarefoot performance range – and having worn (and trained) in them, I can understand why.


This barefoot shoe is for those of you whose workout regime covers CrossFit, throwing weights around the place, battle ropes – you get the picture! What is NOT is a trail running ….in fact any kind of running…. trainer or sneaker.


I’ll cover off why it’s so perfect and adequate for strength training in the functional review – but what also has to be recognised is the visual deliciousness of the footwear, It just looks next level in terms of the design. And to compliment how good it looks – it’s also available (at time of writing) in.4 different colourways.




  • Functional Wear 92% 92%
  • General Wear 82% 82%
  • Aesthetic 86% 86%
  • Comfort 74% 74%
  • Durability 72% 72%
  • Overall 80% 80%

Unboxing Vivobarefoot Motus Strength


We’ll come onto price further on in this review, but I have to say, one of the things I feel that Vivobarefoot are GREAT at is giving you that all round premium experience.

From the moment my new pair of burgundy Motus Strengths arrived, to taking them into the gym for my first workout (more on why I wear them to the gym below!), I just felt like I was being treated!! and it all began with the unboxing. You see Vivo take care when they send you their shoes, to ensure, whether you’re a seasoned barefoot pro, or this is your first foray into the barefoot, minimalist shoe movement, that you’re given all the knowledge you need – and the way they do this, whilst not revolutionary, shows conscious thinking.

No needless waste of paper or materials – no – everything you need to know is accessed via a QR code on the box – from here you can access video guides on the basics of barefoot wearing and running – and if you’re reading this and thinking of buying a pair (and do end up buying a pair) I recommend you follow that QR code

Vivobarefoot Motus Strength – Functional Wearing

Ok lets get onto the super power of the Motus Strength – this is the shoe that in my opinion has been missing from all the barefoot brands stables – this is THE barefoot shoe if you do cross fit or chuck weights around.



Vivobarefoot Motus Strength – General Wearing

Full general wearing review coming soon.


Vivobarefoot Motus Strength – Aesthetics

Full Motus Strength aesthetics review coming soon


Vivobarefoot Motus Strength – Comfort

Full Motus Strength comfort review coming soon


Vivobarefoot Motus Strength – Durability

Full Motus Strength durability review coming soon


Vivobarefoot Motus Strength – Summary

So 5 months on from getting my pair of Vivo Motus Strength, I feel in a good place to give a reasonable summary of how these shoes stack up.

Let me preface this by reiterating these shoes are NOT for running – they’re not designed for running and whilst I have done a few 5km runs in them without any issues ( due to circumstance rather than planning ),  I wouldn’t want to do anything more arduous than that.

What the Motus IS designed for is chucking weights around in a gym enviornment, and whilst i’m not a big gym fan – I have done some lifting in them, and they are more than fit for purpose.

The additional support built into the design does wonders, and gives you the confidence to go for those big lifts without your foot suddenly giving way.

For complete transparency – the Motus Strength has more become my go to shoe for day to day wear and tear. If i’m popping to the shops, going for a long walk or am heading into the City for a day – i’ll more times than not throw my Motus’ on. The reason – simply they look great and that support that comes into its own in the gym environment, is also pretty nice to have when you’re just generally on your feet a lot.

The colourway and design make these ideal shoes to wear with jeans, with shorts and with more Summer designed trousers.

I’ve done well in excess of 200 miles wearing them, and they’re still in great condition, a little wear on the sole, but no more so than any other shoe – and from a Barefoot perspective, you do get that sensation that barefoot and minimalist footwear is all about.