Believe it or not, there was a time in my life that I didn’t wear – or even know about – Barefoot shoes.

In these uneducated times, my go to footwear was the timeless and instantly recognisable Converse boots.

I had them over a period of time, in just about every colour imaginable – red, burgundy, white, blue, green – and even looked at having some custom designed – fair to say I was a big fan.

But of course, then I discovered the magical world of Barefoot and Minimal footwear and have never looked back….well almost never looked back.

You see there’s still a part of me that really misses those Converses. Not the brand per se – and certainly not the narrow toed foot coffin that all non barefoot shoes really are – but the style and design.

I LOVED strutting around thinking I was some cool US college student imitation – and I loved the versatility those Converse’s gave me – with jeans, with shorts – walking, at the bar – they just seemed to fill so many functions.

So it was with a huge amount of glee that I discovered a Barefoot brand called Bohempia, completely by accident, and also discovered they do a really similar style barefoot sneaker that is akin to my Converse fetish of old!! See the picture above – AND – they do them in a variety of styles.

Bohempia Styles

Check out Bohempia here : Bohempia